Products I Love

When I find a something I love, you’ll likely find me talking all about it to anyone who wants to listen.  Although I’m not getting paid to do these reviews, I’d like to use my blog as a platform to share products I recommend.

On today’s list we have:


Behold, the Veggetti!  I have so much fun saying that word. The Veggetti is a tool that allows you to make noodles, or “voodles,” out of vegetables.  It gives you the option of twisting your vegetable of choice (I mostly use it for squash and zucchini) into either thick or thin noodles.  One of my favorite dishes to prepare using the Veggetti is to sauté the voodles with garlic, salt, and pepper in olive oil.  Remember, when cooking with olive oil, cook at a medium temperature, since olive oil becomes carcinogenic when cooked at high heats.  You can even toss in some pre-cooked spaghetti (use a brown rice or quinoa spaghetti for gluten free options) and sauté along with the voodles and garlic.


Panache Sports Bras

For all you lovely, big-breasted ladies, this sports bra is life changing.  I speak from personal experience.  Any discomfort during exercise will be eliminated.  The bra can clip in the back to become a halter bra and there’s wiring under the breasts. There are distinct cups, so this bra even looks good under regular tees rather than creating the unattractive, uni-boob look. The bras usually cost around $68 and are completely worth every penny.


Coconut Oil

For your one-stop-shop product, turn to coconut oil for nearly everything.  Use the oil for cooking, beauty remedies, cleaning, etc.  For the complete list of uses, look here: 101 Uses for Coconut Oil


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