Coloring Your Mood

Did you know that the colors we wear influence our moods?  The same applies to the colors we paint our rooms. Some colors inspire, some calm and some energize.   I find color psychology to be very interesting.  This information could be helpful if you’re preparing for, let’s say, a date or an interview.

Read on to find out what the colors you wear say about your mood.


redRed-  Wear red if you’re looking for attention.  This color also symbolizes strength and power. Because this color stands out so much that is why our traffic lights use red for “stop.”

yellowYellow- Represents optimism and creativity and can suggest a person is lively.  Wearing too much yellow can be overpowering since it’s the hardest color for the eye to take in, which is why people and babies often get more upset in yellow rooms.

Orange-Work-Outfit Orange- Looking for a good time?  Orange is associated with fun times and warmth.

green Green- This calming color represents nature.  Green restores balance, reduces stress and is associated with peace.

blueBlue- There are many positive physical effects of wearing blue.  It is a color of faith, peace and creativity.  People often paint their offices blue because the color helps with focus and clear thinking. Overall, blue calms, but wearing too much blue can stimulate feelings of depression.  

PinkPink-  Unlike red, the color pink soothes.  It affects us both mentally and emotionally and calms aggression and feelings of neglect.  The color inspires love and compassion.  It is also used for skin treatments.  In fact, my favorite blemish drying lotion by Mario Bedescu happens to be pink.  


Purple-  Purple is a purifying color used to detoxify the body.  Diseases are often treated with purple because it is a strong vibrational color.  Too much purple, however, can cause depression or suppress emotions, namely anger.

black 2


Black- Want to walk into a room and feel like you own the place?  Well, black expresses power, authority and elegance.  It is also associated with mourning and evil.


For more info, please check out this article by Huffington Post .


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  1. This is a Very Informative and Interesting section to read. Thank for this blog post; it is very informative to the eye and Mind as one. Yellow is Good color of health and excitement. Would you Pleasse to you provide Adtionall information on this topic. Thank you and good day. Thanks be to Allah.

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