Support Boobs with Avon’s Walk for Breast Cancer 

Support Boobs with Avon’s Walk for Breast Cancer

Get involved with Avon’s annual Breast Cancer Walk.  I have done the Avon Walk in New York and now this year I’ll participate in San Francisco and it’s a fun thing to do with friends and family for a huge cause.  Most likely you know someone personally or know someone who knows somebody personally who has been affected by breast cancer.  Someone in my family is a survivor of breast cancer and that’s not the only person I know who has been affected.  So get out there and support victims, survivors and breasts!  Men can get breast cancer too FYI!

To register or learn more, please visit here –> Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Punch Up Your Workout!

Kickboxing can be an insane workout and it’s one of my favorites. Something about punching and kicking the air feels so empowering and always leaves me sore.

I found this kickboxing abs video by fitness expert Jessica Smith. This 10 minute video will get your heart rate up while targeting your abs.

Go For A Hike



I love to hike.  I have a lot of fond memories of hiking with my parents and friends and I’m lucky that the Bay Area offers great trails all over.  Today my boyfriend, Ed, our friend,Jack, and obviously Bandit ventured down south about 40 minutes to Half Moon Bay.  When you arrive you drive through this tunnel and come out with this gorgeous view:



We embark on our hike with fresh Italian sandwiches from Columbo’s Deli in Pacifica (so good).  The first thing we did was walk up a path to get a view of the beach down below and a spot to eat.  Well, not only did we get a view of the surfers and ocean, but a whale swimming around!  At one point it popped its head out of the water and bobbed for a few seconds.  So cool 🙂




The other big news from our hike was that we took the wrong path, perhaps because it was so foggy, and got totally stuck on one part of the mountain pretty far from where we wanted to be.  The path we took completely narrowed out once we began descending down the mountain and poison oak seemed to be popping up more on the trail.  We were up for an adventure though and continued until we eventually came to a dead end that stared up at a steep, 10-12ft sandy cliff.  I was so proud of how easily Bandit was able to run up the side of the cliff, while the rest of us struggled a little more with climbing.  What was at the top of this cliff? A “No Public Access” sign.  Great.

Meanwhile, I snapped some beautiful photos!




We did eventually make it down the mountain.  Because we had to enter into some areas where we definitely were not supposed to be, some parts of the story shall remain a mystery, but I’ll tell you that we definitely didn’t turn back around.  The hike turned out to be a crazy adventure and if you’re ever in Half Moon Bay I highly recommend McNee Ranch  State Park, but stick to the labeled trails!

Vegetable Scramble



Since my last recipe called for a variety of veggies, I figured I would post a healthy breakfast recipe using any leftover veggies you may have from the summer tart.

I love kicking off my morning with a portion of vegetables.  A super easy and relatively quick meal to cook is an egg scramble with sautéed veggies.  To be extra healthy, use egg whites.


Here is what you’ll need to cook for 2 people:


-zucchini (1)

-squash (1)

-eggs (4, egg whites optional, free range eggs strongly encouraged)

-milk (1 tablespoon, unless eating eggs whites)

-basil (optional)

-salt & pepp, paprika (optional)

-2 tablespoons oil

-parmesan cheese (optional, always use freshly grated)



1. Prep veggies.  Chop asparagus into bite-size pieces.  Chop the squash and zucchini in halves, then cut into fourths.

chop squash & repeat with zucchini

chop squash & repeat with zucchini

cut in half

cut in half

chop into fourths

chop into fourths

2. Heat pan on medium heat then add oil.  Once oil is hot add veggies and mix around in oil.  Sprinkle salt and pepper and paprika for color.  Add some water to the pan and cover for a couple minutes or until veggies soften. Remove lid, stir veggies and turn heat to low.

Adding water and covering traps creates and traps steam in the pan which softens the veggies.

Adding water and covering the pan creates and traps steam which softens the veggies.

3. Crack eggs in a bowl.  If you’re using the yolks then pour in milk and whisk eggs (no need to add milk to egg whites).  Turn pan back up to medium heat and pour eggs in pan.

4. Scramble the eggs with a wooden spoon or spatula.  Serve when cooked and add cheese!



Summer Vegetable Tart

I‘m about to share with you all one of simplest and yummiest recipes I know.  Oh, and it’s healthy too!

Just in time for summer is my summer vegetable tart.  Whether I’m entertaining or having a night in I know this dish will be a people pleaser.  The veggie tart is ideal as an appetizer or side if you’re serving guests.  You can pick and choose your veggie toppings, but I will give you my recommendations.  Basically, the more variety the better!


Here are the ingredients for 2-4 people (including my veggie selections):

-puff pastry sheets (2, thawed)

-pesto (store bought or homemade)

– zucchini (1)

-squash (1)

-corn (just the kernels)

-cherry tomatos

-olive oil

-salt & pepp


-cornmeal (not totally necessary if you don’t have)

-optional: fresh basil



1. Preheat oven to 450*.  Chop veggies and tomatos and cut corn off cob.  Put aside in bowl and mix with enough olive oil, salt and pepper so veggies are lightly coated.  Place veggies in ungreased pan or small Pyrex and heat in stove for 25-30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, roll out both thawed puff pastries on lightly floured surfaced.  Spread pesto in center of puff pastries.  Spoon veggie mixture into center of puff pastries and fold edges over the filling, leaving the center uncovered.

3. Transfer puff pastries to lighly floured cookie sheet.  Bake for another 20 minutes until golden brown.  Take out and sprinkle with basil if desired.  Let cool, cut up, serve and enjoy!


To find out where I originally found this fabulous recipe, click here: Rustic Roasted Veg Tart


“Be the person your dog thinks you are”

This little Shiba has been a huge motivation for me.  Having a dog gets you out of the house and moving around!  Also, being a responsible pet-owner can be so rewarding.  I live by the quote, "Be the person your dog thinks you are."- J.W. Stephens

This little Shiba has been a huge motivation for me. Having a dog gets you out of the house and moving around! Also, being a responsible pet owner can be so rewarding. I live by the quote, “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”- J.W. Stephens

Work It!

Exercise has become an important part of my routine and I highly recommend it!  The feeling of euphoria post workout actually gives me more energy during the day and makes me a happier person in general.  I love taking different classes at different gyms or creating my own workouts outdoors (the beach is my favorite).  I’m not a huge gym rat because I love the competition and comradery of working out with a group of people.


Here are some exercises I love for getting the heart rate going:

80 Jumping Jacks

20 Push ups

40 Sit ups

50 Squats

20 Lunges/Leg

1Min Wall Sit

(Extra points for doing a few sets)